Fortnite’s season 6 opening cinematic was directed by the Russo brothers.

Epic Games’ chief creative officer Donald Mustard this evening tweeted to say he was “so beyond grateful” for the opportunity to collaborate with Anthony and Joe Russo

He wrote: “On a personal level, they’ve not only been amazing partners but also true mentors free v bucks generator who inspire and make us better at what we do.

“@Russo_Brothers I love you 3000!”

TODAY, 13:43

Xbox One: 26GB

Xbox Series X: 10.3GB

Switch: 12GB

iOS: 0GB

TODAY, 13:20

Want to play the new update on iPhone? You’re out of luck.

Fortnite is still banned from the iPhone’s App Store.

It’s linked to a long-running legal dispute that began last year, when Epic Games tried to dodge Apple’s 30% app commission.

Ever since, Fortnite has been unobtainable on iPhone – at least through legitimate means.

And even if you still free v bucks generator have Fortnite installed on your iPhone, you’ll be locked out of the latest update.

TODAY, 12:53

Want to play the new update on iPhone? You’re out of luck.

Fortnite is still banned from the iPhone’s App Store.

It’s linked to a long-running legal dispute that began last year, when Epic Games tried to dodge Apple’s 30% app commission.

Ever since, Fortnite has been unobtainable on iPhone – at least through legitimate means.

And even if you still have Fortnite installed on your iPhone, you’ll be locked out of the latest update.

TODAY, 12:27

Fortnite has changed in a big way.

A “primal” biome has spread throughout the biome.

In this biome, modern technology has largely been eradicated.

At its centre, you’ll find the spire and a village surrounding it.
And lurking in its shadow is a wilderness that’s taken over the island’s locations – including colossal crops and Boney Burbs.

Players who travel to the edge of the primal biome will find Guardian Spires that are “protected by mysterious forces”.

twitch the game awards stream drops among us fortnite

The Game Awards 2020 are tonight and viewers will be rewarded with free in-game rewards for Among Us and Fortnite if they watch the show on Twitch. Twitch will be giving away free digital items to viewers who have drops enabled, which is one more reason to choose Twitch as the preferential viewing platform.

Stream Drops is a feature unique to Twitch that allows viewers to passively earn in-game loot, beta keys, and other goodies just by watching someone else play the game. This usually requires the viewer to link their Twitch account to whichever game or platform the drop is for, but that is about all the setup necessary. Once linked, viewers need to find a streamer that has drops enabled and tune in while they’re live for a chance to get the drop. Twitch also offers special limited-time drops like its most recent Glitch Pet drop for Among Us.

Twitch Streamers Are Getting Creative To Protest DMCA Takedowns

Twitch teased these drops via Twitter’s new Fleet feature which is essentially the platform’s version of an Instagram story. They don’t stick around long, and once they disappear they are gone forever. Twitch posted two teaser images to its Fleets of v bucks generator Stream Drops which will be available during tonight’s The Game Awards stream. One featured a silhouette of an Among Us character, and the other a silhouette of Fortnite’s iconic Assault Rifle.

twitch the game awards stream drops among us fortnite
Presumably, players will have a shot at getting an Among Us character skin and Fortnite weapon skin, but they will need to link their accounts to ensure they can get the drops. Viewers will need to link their Epic Games and Twitch accounts via their Twitch account settings in order to redeem the Fortnite drop. For the Among Us drop, players will need to open Among Us’s settings, navigate to the Data tab, and click the Twitch icon. This will take them to Twitch’s account link page and will ask players to authorize the link. After that, viewers are ready to start redeeming their free goodies.

The Game Awards start at 6 p.m. EST tonight, December 10th. Outside of free in-game rewards, gamers won’t want to miss an exciting show filled with big announcements. From v bucks generator Among Us’ new map reveal to Fall Guys’ Season 3 trailer, The Game Awards 2020 will have something for everyone, and the show will have even more to offer those viewing on Twitch.

Epic Games added a brand new set of challenges to Fortnite.

In a surprise twist this morning, Epic Games added a brand new set of challenges to Fortnite.

These aren’t weekly/Epic challenges or any part of a special event. Instead, they mark the arrival of Season 5’s secret skin: Predator.

In order to get the Predator skin you’ll need to complete a series of challenges, three of which are available right now. These include tracking down Predator’s crashed pod, as well as speaking to three of the various NPCs scattered about the game’s map.

NPCs were added to Season 5 as new ways to earn Gold Bars, upgrade weapons and even hire extra guns. There are a ton of different NPCs found in every corner of the map.

These three, however, are all conveniently close together, and not so far off from where Predator crash-landed.

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Here’s where you can find v buck generator each of them on the map, nestled between Stealthy Stronghold and Pleasant Park:

Beef Boss, Remedy and Dummy locations.
Beef Boss, Remedy and Dummy locations. CREDIT: ERIK KAIN / EPIC GAMES

Once you’ve had a conversation with all three—picking up bounties along the way—the challenge is complete and you’re that much closer to the Predator secret skin.

I’m glad this season’s secret skin v buck generator was actually a secret this time around. It’s been too long since we had a truly secret skin rather than something glaringly obvious like Aquaman or the far more clever—but still not secret—Deadpool.MORE FOR YOU‘Fortnite’ Mysterious Pod Location: Where To Find Predator’s Ship‘Fortnite’ Coral Buddies Location: How And Where To Signal The Coral Buddies‘Fortnite’ Car Parts Correct Location: Where To Find Car Parts Around Dirty Docks

Fortnite fans that have yet to subscribe to Disney+, Epic Games currently

For Fortnite fans that have yet to subscribe to Disney+, Epic Games currently has an offer where players can receive two free months of the service. That’s more than enough time for newcomers to catch up on both seasons of The Mandalorian, and Fortnite players can become eligible for the offer by simply making any purchase in the game using real money (sorry, no V-Bucks). The offer has been available since last month, but interested players that want to get in on it will want to do so immediately, as the offer ends on December 31st, and must be redeemed by January 31st, 2021.

Additional details regarding the offer can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Given the strong relationship Disney seems to have built with Epic Games over the last year, it’s not too surprising to see this type of offer! While Marvel and Star Wars content had appeared in Fortnite prior to 2020, this year saw a heavy focus on fortnite v bucks generator heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe as part of Chapter 2 Season 4. The in-game crossover was even made an official part of Marvel continuity, thanks to a crossover written by Donny Cates, with references made in books like X-Factor. While that season has now come to an end, more Marvel content was released earlier this month, and players have also been able to get content based on The Mandalorian as part of the game’s latest season.

This is not the first time that video game fans have been offered the opportunity to snag a trial for Disney+. Last month, Xbox Game Pass subscribers were also given an offer for a Disney+ trial as part of their subscription. Clearly, Disney sees a lot of fortnite v bucks generator potential growth for the service, and for Disney brands in general, through video games!

Do you plan on taking advantage of the Disney+ offer from Fortnite? Will you use this as an excuse fortnite v bucks generator to buy something in the game’s shop? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

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a new set of quests went live in Fortnite concerning a certain Marvel Superhero

This morning, a new set of quests went live in Fortnite concerning a certain Marvel Superhero. “Wakanda Forever” is a short little quest chain that you’ll handily complete while doing other quests, but it has a nice reward from it: the Wakanda salute, an emote that comes straight out of fiction. It might have people wondering whether or not they’ll be able to do the salute as Black Panther himself. The answer is yes, but not yet.

While nothing is confirmed until it’s in-game, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we will, in fact, get a Black Panther skin. We’ve seen leaked models in free v bucks generator game, and those tend to show up save a few edge cases. We also have an idea of how it will show up, too: leaks indicate that we’re likely going to see a Marvel “Royalty and Warriors” pack that includes Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Task Master, as well as some other cosmetics, for $25. The rumored release date is December 23, but I also wouldn’t be surprised to see it today.

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Fortnite also sort of teased it with a weird little emoji-based tweet. As explained in the replies, apparently Taskmaster copies people, hence the camera:

So you’ll be able to get that Black Panther skin pretty soon, in all likelihood. It was probably supposed to go live during Season 4, but the tragic death of actor Chadwick Boseman meant that it would have been in poor taste at the time: instead, the game had the POI “Panther’s Prowl” in the game, which had the feeling of a tribute. Paul Tassi suggested that Epic should sell the skin and donate the proceeds to charity, but at this moment it doesn’t look like that’s happening (it could theoretically change).MORE FOR YOU

Starting on December 15th (tomorrow), you’ll find Performance Mode in Fortnite’s settings menu.

With its modest minimum system requirements, you can play Fortnite on almost any computer made in the last decade, but the experience may not be the best. Fortunately, Epic Games is introducing a new Performance Mode to help out those who are stuck with less capable systems. 

Starting on December 15th (tomorrow), you’ll find Performance Mode in Fortnite’s settings menu. In a blog post spotted by Polygon, Epic says it allows the battle-royale to “run better than ever before and maintain a smoother framerate.” It does so by lowering some visual quality settings, thereby lightening the workload on your computer’s CPU and GPU. If you’re playing Fortnite on a system that just barely meets the game’sminimum system requirements, it will prompt you to try out the feature the next time you jump into the title. You can turn off Performance Mode at any point afterwards.      

As one example of what the feature can do, Epic claims a laptop with an integrated Intel UHD 620 GPU and a mid-range Intel i5 CPU from 2018 went from rendering the game at an average of 24 frames per second to a more playable 61 frames per second when the studio enabled Performance Mode. 

That’s not the only consideration on its way for less powerful PCs. A new option available through the Epic v buck generator Games Launcher will allow to opt out of downloading the game’s high-resolution textures. On most systems, that should save you about 14GB of internal storage — that’s on top of the space you’re already saving after Epic recently streamlined the PC install of Fortnite to make it take up less space. If you don’t need the high-resolution textures, you can get Fortnite down to about 17GB with the tweak.

Fortnite Winterfest skins and event details

With Fortnite season 5 proving to be a hit despite a distinct lack of Marvel characters, many players are wondering what Epic will pull off for the annual winter event: 14 Days of Fortnite, otherwise known as Winterfest 2020.

Previous years have seen Winterfest dole out free gifts for players who logged in throughout the event free v bucks generator, new game modes, and new challenges to complete. It’s usually a hit with players and a good chance to get some new cosmetics. Much like the real Christmas, we can hardly wait for it, and we’re looking for any leaks or hints as to what the holiday will bring.

When does Fortnite Winterfest 2020 start?

In 2019, Epic started Fortnite Winterfest on December 18 and ran it until January 6. So it typically doesn’t line up to end with the holiday itself, but at least that means you’ll get to have about two weeks after Christmas to wrap up any challenges, earn some news skins, and play with friends.

Keep in mind, Epic will probably release an update for Fortnite sometime shortly before the event starts. So if you want to hop in immediately with friends, keep an eye on when they say their update goes live.

Our best guess is that Epic starts Winterfest 2020 around December 17 through January 8. Keep in mind that they haven’t confirmed anything yet, though.

Fortnite Winterfest skins and event details

Of course, it’s not an event without some new stuff to do. 14 Days of Fortnite/Winterfest is a great chance to play some fun LTMS and mini-games with friends, and season 5’s new map could make for some interesting matches if Epic changes things up with some snowfall.

Thanks to longtime Fortnite data miner HYPEX, we know that a snowman NPC may be added to the season 5 map. Season 5 featured NPCs who allowed players to hit them up for valuable bounties on other players, challenges, or exotic weapons. According to HYPEX, this snowman NPC will grant you similar quests and/or explode. A little variety never hurt, I guess?

Data miner ShiinaBR also uncovered a look at the Snowmando skin. It’s possible Snowmando will be the snowman NPC, considering all other NPCs are just Fortnite skins. According to Shiina, a line of code suggests that Snowmando may be a free skin during Winterfest 2020.

HYPEX also uncovered the coming addition of a “snowy flopper” fish that will heal 15 health per use

Epic has recently said that there will be no in-person Fortnite events, so holiday events like Winterfest will almost certainly be one of your only chances to hang out with friends outside of normal matches.

We’ll be updating this post with any new information about Fortnite’s holiday event, so make sure to check back later. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Fortnite guides and news, where you can find guides for all the latest challenges and quests.

GTA 5 re-release for next-generation consoles aren’t in the public domain yet

Players who bought GTA 5 at launch on their previous generation consoles can breathe a sigh of relief as Rockstar Games has confirmed that GTA 5 will be backwards compatible on the next-generation PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

PS5 and Xbox Series S/X: GTA 5 backwards compatibility details
Rockstar has updated its newswire to inform its player base on what this means for them:

“If you own a disc-based copy of any backward compatible game, you’ll be able to insert that disc directly into your new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X (excludes PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and Xbox Series S consoles).”
It added:

“Meanwhile, digital gta 5 android game owners will have instant access to download any compatible Rockstar Games titles they already have tied to their PlayStation Network or Xbox Live accounts.”
Rockstar also confirmed that PS4 save files will transition over to the PS5 if players choose to do so, picking up right where they left off.

“And as an added bonus, all PlayStation Plus members will continue to get GTA $1,000,000 (deposited into their in-game Maze Bank account within 72 hours of log-in) each month they play the PlayStation 4 version of GTA Online, up until the launch of the new standalone version of GTA Online on PlayStation 5 in 2021.”

What this GTA 5 move means for PS5 and Xbox Series S/X owners
For starters, a lot of savings that can go towards buying newer games, as no one likes paying for the same thing twice. Rockstar has already drawn dissent from the community and has been called greedy for extracting money from buyers by re-releasing the same game for full price on multiple platforms, making this a welcome move.

Image via u/vasekgamescz | Reddit
Image via u/vasekgamescz | Reddit
This will not be the only improvement, as the upgraded horsepower on the new consoles brings a variety of improvements to the game’s quality of life. With the revolutionary new SSD’s on the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X machines, players will see a significant improvement to load times and general in-game stability.

Here’s a comparison of GTA 5 loading times on a hard drive vs an SSD:


While the details of more improvements in the GTA 5 re-release for next-generation consoles aren’t in the public domain yet, it is confirmed that:

Now Season 5 begins today and picks up where it left off yesterday.

Fortnite’s Marvel arc is now over after the big final event last night that saw Galactus being destroyed with the help of Iron Man, Thor and a whole lot of battle buses. Despite the lawsuits with Apple that blocked the season on iOS, the finale was still the most popular event in Fortnite history — likely because it was held late enough in the US that enough users could see it.

We defeated him! A record 15.3 million concurrent players joined forces in our biggest event ever to fight back Galactus in today’s in-game event, while more than 3.4 million cheered and watched on @YouTubeGaming and @Twitch!

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) December 2, 2020
Now, Season 5 begins today and picks up where it left off yesterday. Galactus was trying to steal the Zero Point energy source and with the players and Iron Man et. al. fending him off, it destroyed the central part of the map. Now, as you can see free v bucks generator in the trailer below, Jonesy has been tasked with saving the energy source, so he’s recruiting a bunch of characters for Season 5, including Disney’s The Mandalorian (Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian himself, Din Djarin) along with others including Mancake, the flapjack cowboy.

The map has seen a bunch of changes following the event, with older points of interest from the first season returning like the Viking Ship and Durr Burger. The new skins are a mix of normal in-game designs, but some are obviously Disney crossovers and some have pretty cool anime-like aesthetics.

The result is obviously a new spin on Fortnite, with people earning bounties towards recruiting characters, which hasn’t been a thing before. That, plus the new skins, new POIs and a move away from Avengers should give players something fresh. On top of that, Fortnite has promised more crossover characters to come: “Throughout the Season, Agent Jones will bring in even more hunters from the Realities beyond.

Fortnite will be playable for free on PS5 and Xbox Series X when those systems release this week

Epic Games has shared some new details on the PlayStation 5 version of Fortnite, which will be available when the console releases later this week.

Perhaps the most unique element of Fortnite on PS5 is how the game uses the next-gen console’s DualSense controller. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Epic said it is using the controller’s adaptive trigger feedback to make the game’s various weapons feel more lifelike in your hands.

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  2.  HD
  3.  High
  4.  Low

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Now Playing: Epic Games Talks Unreal Engine 5 On PS5 & Xbox Series X, Future Of Gaming, Impact Of Fortnite

“Fortnite will support two kinds of adaptive trigger feedback for ranged weapons: trigger pull feedback v buck generator and sustained feedback. Weapons that fire once per trigger pull–your Pistols, SMGs, Snipers, Assault Rifles, etc.–will use trigger pull feedback, meaning you’ll feel the authentic resistance of pulling their triggers as you push down the trigger of the DualSense,” Epic said.

For weapons that require the trigger button to be held down before firing, there will be “sustained feedback.” Epic described this like this, “Even as you’re holding the DualSense trigger all the way down, you’ll still feel an authentic sensation of resistance, reminiscent of what it feels like to draw back a bow or keep a Minigun firing.”

In addition to the DualSense controls, Fortnite on PS5 will have upgraded graphics and better frame rates. Here is a rundown of the benefits of Fortnite on PS5, as written by Epic:

  • Working with the console’s custom RDNA 2 GPU, we’ve made the next-gen version of Fortnite output at 4K and up to 60 FPS in all game modes on PS5.
  • The Zen 2 CPU + expanded memory let us use dynamic visuals and physics to bring even more life to the Fortnite Island. Grass and trees respond to explosions, visual effects for smoke and liquid are enhanced, and there are new effects for clouds and the Storm.
  • Our work with PS5’s ultra-high speed SSD has let us dramatically upgrade loading performance, improving texture loading and letting you get into matches much faster.
  • Split Screen can be played with higher performance: up to 60 FPS. This is due to our work with the improved CPU, GPU, and memory.

As announced previously, Epic is giving everyone a free item–the Throwback Axe Pickaxe–to celebrate the launch of Fortnite on PS5. This is the very first axe in the game, and you can get it in the Item Shop until January 15, 2021.

Fortnite will also be available on Xbox Series X and S, and it features a big improvement on those consoles, too, with 4K/60FPS support and new storm and cloud effects, among other things.

For more on Fortnite’s impressive-sounding next-gen updates, check out GameSpot’s rundown of all the new features for Fortnite on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Fortnite will be playable for free on PS5 and Xbox Series X when those systems release this week. For more, check out GameSpot’s reviews of the next-gen consoles.